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Just a quick update to combine a healthy dose of trumpet-blowing with pointing all you photography fans to a great new site that’s causing quite a stir among photo fans on the internet, the Boston Globe’s Big Picture. Rob Galbraith‘s site featured it recently, saying, “Launched officially only three weeks ago, The Big Picture, a blog at The Boston Globe website featuring galleries of photographs culled from the wire services, NASA and elsewhere, is quickly becoming an essential destination for those who like to look at good pictures of current events, presented at an uncommonly large (for the web) size.”

Happily, I’ve managed to scrape a couple of my shots into the first choices of images so please head over and have a look!

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  1. Coo! Big Picture, small world and all that. Whilst perusing that marvellous phlog [ew, sorry], I happened upon the image of the Chinese ladydiver at the Diving World Series in Sheffield; the way that image effortlessly captured the tension, the potential energy bound within board and limb… I knew it was one of yours.

    Tempted though I initially was by the thought of possessing a genuine Neal, it’s now occurred to me that, well, I’ve already got one. I really ought to get round to mounting the mighty Emily. My eternal thanks for that, by the way.

    Also: your Arsene Wenger photograph. Glorious.

    Keep up the genuinely sterling work, sir. You are a person of extreme talent, living your dream and going from strength to strengthier. I’m either jealous or envious, I can never remember which one’s which. The benign one, anyway.

    Nice to see ol’ Zedders is alive and webmastering, too. Hopefully in that order.

    Posted by simisker
  2. Yay! Y’alright, bud? Good to hear from you! Thanks muchly for your overly-generous comments. You’re a gent and a scholar.

    I must admit though, I have a complete block on what print I did for you. Having said that, I’m assuming your promise to mount Emily was refering to a photo and not your plans for the evening..

    Thanks again for your comments and please do stay in touch! :)

    Posted by tabascokid

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