Yesterday, I got an email from London photographer Teri Pengilley, regarding her decision to attempt to raise some money for the family of freelance photographer Anton Hammerl who was killed in the Libyan desert while covering the recent fighting. Here’s what Teri has to say about her plan;

“Next Saturday, September 3rd, I am going to attempt to swim 10km along the river Dart – and I need your support.
Five months ago a freelance photographer, Anton Hammerl, was fatally wounded in the Libyan desert, leaving behind his widow Penny and their three children, Aurora, 11; Neo, 7, and baby Hiro.
Many of you are photographers or freelancers or both, and have experienced the incredible support that this community gives in times and places of need.
Anton was not backed by a big media corporation. This fund is to provide for three young children who have lost their father, a man passionately committed to the truth, to giving a voice to the voiceless.
Next weekend I shall be plunging into the murky and bracing waters of the river Dart at Totnes and attempting to swim ten kilometres to Dittisham, and I am hoping that you will pledge your sponsorship here.
I haven’t got one of those pages that ask you to pay up front – that way I could paddle off to sip scrumpy as soon as you transfer your hard-earned pennies. I want you to sponsor me in the old-fashioned way where each kilometre I complete costs you more money, and raises more for Anton’s family. So please pledge here; it’s for a very good cause.”

As you can see from this, it’s a very worthy cause and something that you should really consider donating to, whatever the amount.

Unfortunately, as Teri isn’t a registered charity, she’s hit a bit of a brick wall regarding setting up a “Just Giving”-type donation page so is having to go all old-school and rely on human decency to follow up with their kind offers.

If you want to support her fantastic mission of insanity, please head over to the Facebook page that she set up here to donate.

More of Anton’s work from Libya can be found at his photoshelter page here.

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