Blip #10 – Getting a head in the film industry

UNITED KINGDOM, London : British actress Gemma Chan poses for photographers ahead of the Evening Standard Film Awards in central London on February 4, 2013. AFP PHOTO/Leon Neal

Gemma Chan

After an acutely eclectic day beginning with the star of a previous Blip the new Archbishop of Canterbury at Saint Paul’s Cathedral and a quick visit into number 10 Downing Street for a grip and grin with David Cameron and the Somali President, I went to London Film Museum for the Evening Standard Film Awards.  Due to the entrance way not being particularly designed for red carpet arrivals, there was no ambient light at all so every photographer was shooting flash.  This brings out the Captain Catchflash in me though as it means that every guest will be drenched in strong light from all sides, creating high contrast and interesting lighting patterns.  While this style of picture won’t make the fashion pages due to a distinct lack of visible clothing, it’s right up my street.

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