Blip #6 – A rainbow over London

On the 25th October, 2011, I took a picture from the window of the AFP bureau of a complete double rainbow stretching over the city of London. Having noticed it as it started to form, it originally was a small strip of colour near to the financial district so I’d been shooting the image as stock to illustrate any future stories on the economic situation. Within a few moments, it had grown to form a complete rainbow which was immediately followed by a second, fainter, semi-circle. Having filed the shot, it did well in a number of online galleries and newspapers around the world, simply as a example of nature’s beauty.

On the 15th December 2011, I was contacted by a man who wanted to let me know about his wife, Linda Madden. Linda founded the “Rainbow Montessori School” in London in 1982 which over the years became two nurseries and a junior school. In 1988, she helped to establish a Montessori school for deprived children in Paraguay.

On the same day that the rainbow appeared over London and a day after turning 52, Linda passed away. As I said above, I’m not a believer in a divine power but it’s a coincidence to warm the heart.

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  1. A lovely image Leon and an touching little background story. You caught one of ‘those moments’ that happen all to infrequently.

    Posted by Tim

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