Blip #9 – Windowchopping

UNITED KINGDOM, London : A passer-by takes a photograph of a selection of cakes in the shapes of severed body parts, made from entirely edible ingredients and displayed at a film set pop-up experience in east London on January 17, 2013. The event was held to promote the release of a new horror film “The Helpers”. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL

The Helpers

Sent to cover a promotional event for new horror film “The Helpers”, I found myself surrounded by edible cakes made to look like the remains of both a trashed hotel room and a woman who has been chopped into handy “carry-home” size chunks.  Pretty damned grim.  Once I’d managed to control my gag reflex from reacting to the “vomit-covered cupcakes” and even, *gathers strength*, an edible used tampon, I could appreciate just how much skill and effort had gone into making these horrific treats.  The only problem is that anyone who attended may find themselves suffering a Pavlovian reaction with their sweet-tooth kicking in during any horror films they watch in the future!

3 Responses to “Blip #9 – Windowchopping”

  1. Haha, brilliant shot! So much to take in in that image.

    Posted by Kirsten Mavric
  2. Deliciously grim. Would be great for the ‘Silent Witness’ wrap party.

    Posted by Juliet Mckee
  3. @Kirsten – Cheers chuck! x

    @Juliet – ha! I couldn’t make my mind up whether I was unhappy or not to have missed someone laying into the severed head with a cake knife…

    Posted by tabascokid

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