Brandenburg fireworks

Brandenburg fireworks

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  1. …. so …. good to know there’s nothing to worry about then. 😉

    Posted by Kirsten
  2. Be careful matey.

    Posted by Ian Gav
  3. Jeez man, these are good shots!

    I can’t imagine how chaotic it was, but at the same time you make it sound somewhat organised and surreal, the fact that the same thing happens on the same day every week smacks of theatre.

    While reading this entry the 11 o’clock news here showed brief footage of the same protest and again, given what you say, it feels like news fodder, some dramatic footage they can rely on to drop in every friday from some stringer.

    Posted by Miles
  4. Interesting that you write the protesters were a mix of Palestinians and Israelis. Also, I was amazed to see all those wild cactuses.

    I wonder if Red Crescent, while endeavouring to help the injured or gassed, are considered complicit in the attacks by the IDF.

    Erm, shouldn’t you have some sort of helmet on incase a cannister lands on your bonce?

    Great account, great shots. Thank you.

    Posted by Tim
  5. Wow – fascinating words and outstanding pictures. I still can’t quite imagine how bizarre it must be out there though.

    Take care.

    Posted by Mark
  6. Cheers for all your concern and kind comments, chaps.

    Miles: Somebody else just suggested that to me on facebook but these clashes happen all over the West Bank and in some parts of Israel around the Old City every single Friday. It just appears to be their day of protest. The reason that the media go to this particular one is due to the deaths that have occurred there over the years. I looked through Abbas’ archive from Nilin and this weeks was sedate by comparison.

    Tim: I guess the Red Crescent, while a little more hands on here, are just doing what the ambulance service in England do when there are protests and demos; helping the old people that trip up or those people that get dehydrated. If the protest is definitely going to happen whether you’re there or not and people are guaranteed to be injured, I guess it’s their responsibility as medics to attend. As for the helmet, probably. :0

    Posted by tabascokid
  7. I didn’t spend a lot of time in Israel during my backpacking days but I met tons of them in other countries. I think people in general have a pretty skewed idea of them. None of the Israelis I met were particularly religious but people tend to think the whole country is made up of devout Jews.

    Why can’t we all just get along eh?

    Posted by Miles
  8. Come on, World; Group-hug! :)

    Yeah, I agree. There is certainly a large population of devoutly religious types of all faith here but on the streets, people mainly seem to just want to get on with life.

    Posted by tabascokid
  9. Wow!
    These are so good, Leon. After I got over the initial fear factor of seeing you ‘in action’, I’ve found them captivating to look at. Really impressed! :o)

    Posted by Beth

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