After baring my soul in the Royal Wedding blog including all of the lows of the day, it’s time for some straight good news; I just won second place in the NPPA Photojournalism 2011 awards: “Olympic Features” category! Whoop!

Big congratulations should also go to AFP colleague Carl de Souza for his Honourable Mention in the Sports Picture Story category with his awesome work from Pakistan. Nice one, bud! :)

8 Responses to “DIY Trumpet-blowing for beginners”

  1. Congratulations. Superb timing of your shot.

    Posted by Craig Shepheard
  2. Cheers squire! :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. Well done mate. Lookin forward to more award winners when we cover Wimblers next week!

    Posted by Kirkmeister
  4. Cheers bud! Very kind of you. See you on the grass! :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. Well done!!

    And I haven’t forgotten that I totally called this as your best shot from the games!

    Posted by Miles
  6. Indeed I do! I will therefore give you half of the prize money. *waits by letterbox for non-existent cheque to arrive* :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  7. that really is a great shot, amazingly well executed!

    Posted by James
  8. Well done, it is such a good shot. Hopefully I’ll be able to do some trumpet blowing myself one day.

    Posted by Lee Welton

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