Okay, I promise this is the last Jubilee post but I just wanted to share these.

They were taken using the Lomography Spinner 360 over the Jubilee weekend and while they’re not up to the quality of a proper high-end panoramic camera, they give a fun view of what went on. Capturing a full 360º of the area around you, the pictures take a bit of thinking about to properly comprehend. Imagine printing it out, joining both ends together and putting your head inside the tube you’d made. It’s a poor-man’s virtual reality suite! The fact that the camera is only £90 is a bonus! As mentioned in my previous blog, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew (below) were both rather amused by my crawling around on the floor, looking like I was launching a distress flare from the Havengore.

While the Lomography store can have the film developed, processed and scanned, the resolution is only really good enough for web-use. With this in mind, I had to go to Bayeaux labs on Newman Street in London for some decent quality scans for AFP. After a few problems with their scanner, the delays racked up and it’s only now that the shots have been put out. Still better late than never! Aside from the top of my shining bonce, the shot below features AP photographer and lovely chap Joel Ryan. Below that,is the equally wonderful Dan Kitwood of Getty Images on either end of the frame. Two for one!

Thanks to the Lomography Store for providing the gear I used over the weekend. If you want to do something a little different or test your photography skills by using… *gulp* …film, then go and check them out.

Above is the post-flypast moment with Oli Scarff of Getty Images and Paul Grover of the Daily Telegraph. Actually, maybe that’s Oli below too. He does love a Royal shindig…

6 Responses to “Everyone’s a spinner, baby!”

  1. I knight thee ‘Sir’ Neal, for photographic services rendered… :-)

    Nice work, my liege!

    Posted by pixpilgrim
  2. What great fun! I love the images of the two Princes and the royal fan. It can’t have been easy keeping yourself out of those images. I’ve got to get one.
    Best Wishes

    Posted by Ian Gillett
  3. What a crazy fun device. I absolutely love these. Lomo cameras look a lot of fun and I’m tempted to get me one. I’m going to a talk by a chap called Kevin Meredith (aka LOMOKEV) in Brighton in a few weeks time and he’s into Lomo big time.. It should be an interesting evening.

    Posted by Tim
  4. @Pixpilgrim – Cheers bud! Now if you’d only start a petition, we might finally get me one of them there knighthoods…

    @Ian – Yeah, it’s quite a challenge. You end up looking as though you’re about to launch a distress flare. :)

    @Tim – They’re certainly good fun although the scanning and printing can prove a littel tricky unless you use the Lomo stores direct. Enjoy!

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. these are awesome!!!

    Posted by willie
  6. Cheers! :)

    Posted by tabascokid

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