With a fresh new year upon us, what better way to start but with a brand new camera bag and, thanks to the legends at Thinktank camera bags, I have one of their top notch “4-Sight” rolling camera bags that could soon be yours!

Thinktank 4-sight rolling case

Retailing at around £235 in the UK ($249.99 in the US), this is one hell of a case.  Coming from Thinktank’s Airport range, the bag meets INTERNATIONAL and USA domestic airline carry-on size requirements and is designed for photographer’s who need to travel with their equipment or simply would rather not lug around a backpack full of heavyweight gear.  While the other bags in the range feature just two wheels, the 4-sight allows the case to glide along at your side, rather than dragging along behind you.  Provided complete with a cable management system and seam sealed rain cover, they’ve really considered all issues that a working photographer may run into.  I use the Airport International V2.0 and it really is impressive how much detail and planning has gone into the product design.

thinktank 4-sight-rolling camera case

Enough already, I hear you cry in strange fake Brooklyn accents.  Here’s the fun bit where you get to be involved; this lovely piece of luggage could be yours for the price of a couple of clicks.  Firstly, you’ll need to copy and retweet this wonderful phrase;

There’s a free @thinktankphoto 4-sight rolling camera case going via @tabascokid and I want it. Please. http://tinyurl.com/bds7ye9 #gimme4sight

Secondly, pop your email address into the subscription box over below to receive updates on new blog posts.  There’s no catch.  I won’t use your email for anything other than to alert you when I post some fresh waffle and I promise that you won’t get bombarded with Viagra adverts (unless there’s quite a severe deviation in my career plan).

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In terms of small print, it’s pretty simple.  Thinktank have agreed to dispatch the case for me so unlike the last giveaway I did, this one is open to everyone, no matter where you are in the world.  I’ll be picking a winner from all of those who’ve both subscribed and retweeted the blatant self-promotion, using some kind of online random number generator magic on Sunday 13th January 2013.  It should go without saying that the giveaway is for the case and does not include any of the lovely Canon and Nikon goodies featured in the photos.  That’s it.  Simple.  Do it.  You know you want this bag.  Good luck!


UPDATE – I’m happy to announce that Ian Tuttle of www.iantuttle.com has won the rolling case.  Congratulations to him and thanks for all of the other entries.  Keep your eyes on the blog for future giveaways and good stuff!



23 Responses to “Gimme 4-sight!”

  1. @Sandeha – Yup, it rocks.

    @Rebecca – Yup, you do.

    Posted by tabascokid
  2. Love your work Leon! Thank’s for the giveaway, all the best for 2013!

    Posted by Peter Fox
  3. @Peter – Thanks very much! Fingers crossed for a good start to the year.

    Posted by tabascokid
  4. Now that sounds good !

    Posted by Peter
  5. Awesome give away!

    Am I being dumb or is there no subscription box if you’re on a iPhone?

    Posted by Lee Allen
  6. what i need!

    Posted by Mark Kalan
  7. @Peter – Trust that feeling! :)

    @Lee – It appears you’re not. I’ve also been told that it doesn’t show on ipads either so may be a plugin issue. I’ll look into it before I pick a winner to make sure everyone has a chance to be included! Cheers for letting me know.

    @Mark – You know what to do then… Good luck! :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  8. Shame there is no subscription box on the iPad :(. Looks like this is the only way…

    Posted by Jovian Salak
  9. Hi Leon, Yeah iPad doesn’t show up subscription box, but being your a British Press Photographer I’m sure you can track the winner down! Btw…had to play around a little with wording to get it to fit 140 characters to go on twitter. @nathantargett

    Posted by Nathan Targett
  10. Mmmmmmmmmm 4-Sight

    Posted by Keri
  11. No subscription box…but wanted to submit my info anyway. Thx for the giveaway. #thinktanksrock

    Posted by edward
  12. When you say retweet am I right in presuming you mean via twitter ….apologies if I’m asking the obvious :-)

    Posted by Andy
  13. @Jovian – Yes, it seems Apple doesn’t like my usual subscription box! Booo… There’s now a box in the post to add your address.

    @Nathan – Ha! Investigative journalism at it’s finest… Not sure why you’d need to shuffle the sentence around though. If I copy and paste it into twitter, it leaves me with space for 3 more letters.

    @Keri – Indeed. It’s a good one! :)

    @Edward – There’s now a subscription box in the post. :)

    @Andy – Just copy the line in bold that’s on the blog post (including #gimme4sight) and post it on twitter. Good luck!

    Posted by tabascokid
  14. One can never have too much ThinkTank stuff

    Posted by Steve
  15. Rt’d (@externallylaws) and fingers crossed – I think that bag would look fabulous being toted around Australia and it goes without saying how awesome it would be for the overseas holiday each year. :)

    Posted by Elisabeth Petersen
  16. Cheers Leon, just unsubscribed in error by posting wrong wrong email link in address bar ***growls*** so I’ve resubscribed just in case and retweeted :-)

    Posted by Andy
  17. @Steve – Fair point and one I try to live by too. :)

    @Elisabeth – The same could be said about me actually.

    @Andy – No worries. You’re in the draw!

    Posted by tabascokid
  18. Leon,
    would be really good for wheeling my 400mm f2.8 sized flask about when weather is cold and i’m about with flat cap and only me ferrets and whippet to keep me cold!

    Posted by Steve Todd
  19. @Steve – Okay, that sounds a little more like me…

    Posted by tabascokid
  20. These things really are awesome. Perfect companion for my Streetwalker, I think!

    Posted by Rowenna
  21. the only way to travel…

    Posted by mark kaye

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