Following on from the current rush to share what’s going to be in every photographer’s bag as they cover the forthcoming Games, I thought I’d join in.

I’ll be taking my keys, a banana, my wallet, one of Max’s chewy bars, my phone and hopefully shades.

I’ll also probably take my cameras.

16 Responses to ““In my bag” – Olympic special”

  1. This is really great. Thanks for sharing this with us. If you will be behind the robotic camera, this is all you need:-)

    Posted by Lukas
  2. No problem, Lukas. I aim to educate and inform with only the most vital snippets of information.

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. What model bag is that? I’m looking for a new one. I’m not doing the Olympics of course but I’ve got to make a run to Tescos on Monday.

    Posted by Miles
  4. This is still in pre-production. I’ve probably already broken a few non-disclosure deals by even showing the unique water-resistant shell. :(

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. Those bags are costly in Wales & Ireland !

    Posted by Keri
  6. funniest thing I have read since coming across David Thorne. mind you this is almost standard issue here!

    Posted by James
  7. How do you get the keys to format with the phone/glasses without any scratch issues?

    Posted by chris
  8. Are you sure you’ll be allowed in with that banded snack and bag.

    Love the tabasco keychain too!

    (as an aside disabling right click doesn’t stop people just annoys them, as a result I cannot be held laible for seplling mistakes)

    Posted by Ian
  9. We don’t shop at ASDA???!!!

    Posted by Kirsten
  10. @Keri – Yeah, the import taxes is sky-high at the moment. It’ll come down if we all get them.

    @James – I’d never heard of him but I’ll check him out!

    @Chris – Years of know-how and a chamois cloth.

    @Ian – Yeah, I know. Sorry. It’s a pain but it’s to stop people copying the text rather than the pics. Anyone can screengrab an image but I didn’t want my blogs going walkies…

    @Kirsten – Yeah we do. You love ’em. And Lidl. And Aldi.

    Posted by tabascokid
  11. Pleese you can tell me wear to get best olimpick position for my gold camera? I have rings and can do weddings trick two, you bye?

    Posted by Mikhail
  12. Oy! There’s nowt wrong with Asda! Supermarket snobbery. Pah! ;o)

    Posted by Beth
  13. You see the aloof behaviour I have to deal with in the South, Sis? :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  14. I like to carry my iPad in an Asda bag. People stop me and say, “wow, is that an ASDA bag?”

    Posted by Neil
  15. That Asda bag looks like a cheap copy of my Morrisons bag Leon. Nothing wrong with Asda mind you, they do cracking cheese topped bread rolls. Perfect for a mid morning munch.. (I hope that banana isn’t loaded.)

    Posted by Tim
  16. I use a Waitrose bag. Asda. Pfft.

    Posted by Miles

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