My last day has arrived and it’s time to head back to sunny London town. Ahh, I can just imagine it now; friendly faces in the street, bidding good morning to each other as they head to the park to bask in the glow from the mid-morning sun..

My time here’s been a fantastic experience, thanks to the top bunch of people based out here both within the AFP bureau and out on the streets of Israel and the West Bank. It’s been great fun getting to meet them all and to see how this part of the world works. I have a feeling that I’ll be sat back in England, following Israeli politics with no-one to share my enthusiasm!

..and at the end of the trip when your expenses get handed over, it’s nice to see that you’ve made a real impression on everyone with the bureau, even the accounts department. How did she know my alter-ego?

5 Responses to “London Calling…”

  1. Rrraaarrww!

    Superb photos Leon, all the way! I hope AFP give them the praise that they deserve.
    Particularly like the third shot down in this set, by the way. Such a serious expression combined with such a beautiful face :o)

    Well done bro, and have a good journey home! x

    Posted by Beth
  2. Nice roar, Sis! Cheers for your comments, as ever. It’s been a great experience and I feel all motivated. Can’t wait for the English drizzle to knock it out of me.. 😉

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. “Twill be good to see you again… LFW?

    Posted by Ian Gav
  4. Not sure yet. Guess I’ll be seeing you at the Brits tomorrow though?

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. Som beautiful captures… I love the one of the orthodox Jewish boys-simply beauty…

    I also love the street, with the picture of Mother Mary on it…..

    It has inspired me to get out take some shots of my city-Belfast- and see what beauty I can find!

    Posted by eggntoast

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