I opened up the box and there was a camera, some leads, a bit of paperwork and some packing material inside.




14 Responses to “Nikon D4 unboxing”

  1. Informative and arousing. Good stuff.

    Posted by James
  2. Thanks James. It’s only fair that I share this information with the world.

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. But was there a battery???

    Posted by goldcascade
  4. Reading that’s cheered me up no end.! You can donate your no longer needed D3s to me if you like..! It will fit in my bag a treat..

    Posted by Tim
  5. Sure, I’ll get them in the post tomorrow.

    Posted by tabascokid
  6. Like James said – Informative and arousing. Good Stuff.

    So exactly what James said.

    Posted by Neil
  7. Excellent work. Do please keep me informed of future ‘unboxings’

    Posted by John Starns
  8. Gold…

    Posted by Jim
  9. @Neil – Arousal is a pre-requisite of all of my posts from now on.

    @John – I’ll be sure to. It’s been an honour to educate so many on such vital information.

    @Jim – Ta

    Posted by tabascokid
  10. My d800 unboxing went very similar but instead of a d4 there was a d4!

    Posted by Greg
  11. That’s not a bad deal if there was a D4 inside. I’d have actually read that unboxing! 😉

    Posted by tabascokid
  12. Alas it was just a d800 but on the plus side I have money enough for living now :-)

    Posted by Greg
  13. I’m getting jealous. The only thing I’ve unboxed recently was a Big Mac..!

    Posted by Tim
  14. Genial! 😀

    Posted by Bernardo

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