Crikey.  There’s enjoying the outdoors and there’s just plain insanity.

Go Go Sub-Zero!

During a quiet weekend in this current cold snap, I wandered down to one of London’s public lidos to see if I could find any foolish brave people who were taking to the sub-zero temperatures for a morning dip.  Thankfully, there were.

This is going to hurt...
Chilled floaters

With the in-pool thermometer skittering around below freezing point, swimmers of all ages were popping in for a dip.  Some were in for a matter of seconds, while one brave chap was swimming his sixth mile in six days in sub-zero temperatures.

Two chilly chaps
He's flipped
Praise be!

Apparently it becomes quite an addiction but I was there for about 20 minutes and was losing the feeling in my fingers and I was dressed in about five layers.  I’d be tempted to say there were addictive illegal things that might be better for you but each to their own.  Thankfully, the world isn’t made up entirely of cowards like me so hats off to those that go for it!

His sixth mile in six days
Come on in, the water's lethal!

3 Responses to “Of ice cubes and cubicles”

  1. Haha, great shots of some bizarre folks! What is wrong with people?!

    Posted by Chris Turner
  2. You should really come down to Brighton on occasion. The sea swimming club is out most mornings even with the last snowfall. A right bunch of nutters! (in the nicest possible sense)

    Posted by Kris
  3. Crickey … what brave people?! I love my flip flops … but on sand not snow!!
    Thanx for another interesting blog post.

    Posted by Sarah

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