Kilometres! The measurement of choice for the MTV generation! Gasp as the units fly past! Laugh as the satnav talks in metres for once rather than “yards”! (I mean, WHO knows how far a yard is?) Feel all tough like Kris Kristofferson in “Convoy” as what was only a quite short journey feels like a marathon session as the odometer goes into four figures!

Yes it’s been another day of travel as I headed back down the length of Switzerland to Lugano to shoot a press conference with Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the star of Swedish football (apparently). I only figured this out after hearing bursts of shutters going during the training session and judging who was near a ball whenever the bursts went off. I’m dead technical, me.. *shakes head*

Anyhow, as the conference was over before I knew it, it gave me the chance to wander around Lugano for the first time so after a quick look in the centre and finding it mainly closed (Sundays, eh?) I headed up to the top of Mount Bre and the fantastic little village of Bre. Tiny cobbled streets are broken up with random pieces of art ranging from sculpture to stained glass to carvings. A really beautiful place with a totally unique feel.

Tomorrow sees the second of my four games to shoot with the edge-of-your-seat action of France v Romania BACK up in Zurich. How am I going to remain sane for another ten days, people? I’m not sure even the mighty power of kilometres will help this time..

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  1. Oh, heck. I forgot: you’ve been lumbered with the Euros. Dude, don’t work too hard and hopefully see you at Glasto?

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