As the saying almost goes, what happens on stag weekends, stays on stag weekends. However, following the wedding last week of good friend Carl de Souza, I thought I’d stick some of my favourite (and non-incriminating) shots up. Being aware that I should travel light, the whole thing was shot on my beloved Panasonic Lumix GF1 with the 20mm f1.7 pancake lens. Using the built-in “Dynamic B/W” preset for the jpegs while shooting RAW for later options, these pictures are pretty much all untouched and are straight from the card. The only picture I will explain is the shot below, where I’m proudly displaying the “war wound” from a vicious clash with top snapper and challenge-accepter Simon Dawson.

Post macho paint-ball fracas, the weekend was spent at the “Lounge on the Farm” festival in Kent. The names were censored to protect the innocent-ish…

2 Responses to “Set antlers to stun!”

  1. Sold my GF1 so I could pay for my 5D… this just makes me miss it again. :(

    Cracking shots here Leon. It’s nice to see what you’re shooting personally, as well as professionally. The noise on ‘hushed discussions in a quiet field’ works so well with the flare and back lighting on his face. How do you do it man…

    Posted by tom ashmore
  2. Yeah, I can’t see me getting rid of this until it falls to pieces in my hands! Thanks for your feedback as ever, squire.

    Posted by tabascokid

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