After all of that rambling in the previous blog, here are a bunch of shots from the actual sport that I covered while I was in Rosa Khutor for the test events, ahead of next year’s 2014 Sochi Winter Games.  For once, it’s time for a straight-forward photography post.  Everything was shot on the Nikon D4 with either a 14-24mm f2.8, a 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 or a 400mm f2.8 lens.  I used both my left and right eyes, along with simultaneous use of all available hands.

On top of the world
The Soviet Surpriser
Strange waitress forgets Ferrero Rocher tray
Mental preparations
In the zone
The reckless and the neckless
Ozzie Corner

One thing that I had forgotten about was just how much you have to train your ears and reactions to capture the exact moment you’re after.  This is particularly critical when you’re stood closer to the track.  You’d think 9 frames per second would catch it every time but those first few attempts result in the target being either just before and just after the preferred point.  Oh what fun.

Muddy reflections
Night-time corners
Taking two
Pole position
Bob reflects

So there you go.  No more snow-based, gravity-based sports discussion for at least another 12 months.  Normal service will now resume…

7 Responses to “Sochi: The Rosa Khutor Shooter”

  1. Nice work. Top shot of the skier in the green helmet is lovely.

    Posted by Neil Smith
  2. Nice work buddy, what kind of temperatures were you working in?

    Posted by Lewis Whyld
  3. @Neil – Cheers bud. That’s one of my faves too, along with the final shot.

    @Lewis – Thanks Lewis. It varied wildly from 15 degrees in the village to -13 degrees at the top of the peak. One word; “layers”.

    Posted by tabascokid
  4. Nice set Leon.
    I would never have even thought of the bob blur shot though my favourive is Diiive with mental preperations and headless close seconds .
    Got to love that D4 :-)

    Posted by Ray Fothergill
  5. Cheers Ray. The D4 has taken a massive leap forward recently thanks to new firmware. I’m actually enjoying it at the moment! :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  6. Killer set of images Leon. I guess it takes a few minutes to get your groove back with these. Instinct beats FPS. The kick ass shots for me are (8) the motion beauty, (9) is that a headless team mate behind her? and (10) where it looks like the guy in the blue coat is casually examining the suspended toboggan at his leisure.

    Posted by Tim
  7. Thanks Tim. It takes more than a few minutes, I can assure you! Thankfully, once your ears “in” to the approaching target, it becomes easier. Thanks for your kind words. Yep, you’re right about number 9. It is indeed a two-man bob and the “lead in the sled” is just ducking herself into position after starting off.

    Posted by tabascokid

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