This morning, I was asked to attend an event at Abbey Road studios with Sting. Arriving at the door, I could only tell the receptionist that I was here for “some Sting thing” as I had nothing but the name and the venue. Having been mistaken for an in-house photographer when shooting at Abbey Road before resulting in some rushed explanations as I was led into a recording studio, I was a little unsure as I was taken through to the famous “Studio #1” to find the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra tuning up.

With a brief explanation from a member of Sting’s staff, I found that I’d be watching Sting performing five of his famous songs with full orchestral arrangement from his current “Symphonicity” tour. I can’t say it’s the worst way to start a day!

With instructions not to shoot during the actual performance due to extremely sensitive microphones, myself and fellow photographer/music photography legend Brian Rasic got to shoot the set-up and tuning, enjoy the performance then get in closer during a brief break before the final song. The only downside from the job came when he mentioned that he had planned on using drumming legend Vinnie Colaiuta for the tour until he decided that a full kit was too loud. Damn him! I could have watched Vinnie playing from a few feet away! Sod the onstage sound issues! IT’S VINNIE! Some people just don’t think of the ex-drumming visiting photographers, do they?

The morning’s set included “Englishman in New York”, “My Ain True Love”, “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic”, “I Hung My Head” and ended on an impromptu “Next To You”. The orchestration sounds great and it’ll be quite a show for those who get to see his only UK show at the Royal Albert Hall on October 1, 2010.

7 Responses to “Stung”

  1. Oh my! Speechless!!

    Posted by petra
  2. Wow – Legendary stuff!

    I got to work with Sting’s Producer and mix a couple of albums at Abbey Road, amazing place, Studio 1 has such recognisable acoustics. Shame Vinnie wasn’t there but glad to see Stung has lost the hippy beard thing he had going on recently.

    Blog’s looking good too dude :-)

    Posted by Neil
  3. Another tough day in the office then!!

    Posted by Craig Shepheard
  4. sweet! can’t wait to follow him around SoCal this June

    Posted by Tim
  5. No Vinnie?!?!?!?!? Is he insane, mon?????

    Lovely shots, though, my liege!

    Posted by pixgremlin
  6. Tell me about it. The chance to catch a bit of an original Zappa band member in action would have been too much. Ah well..

    Posted by tabascokid
  7. It’s so fantastic to see Sting in this orchestral
    setting! Great video and commentary, (as always)
    but such a delight to hear the lush strings and
    see them in action! I can’t wait to see them live!!

    Posted by Mary Kelly

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