I’ve just returned from Glastonbury festival (of which I’ll be scribbling something down soon), filled with the joys of love and spiritual freedom to be faced with my first ever collective of virtual burning pitchfork wielders. Yup, it seems that after a quiet few months that I hoped had seen the end of the campaign from censorship-demanding horse lovers, I have again managed to find a rich seam of naivety with no effort on my part. This time, the complainants have clearly read all that I’ve said on the issue and still decided to press ahead with their “partition”. The most concerning part is that a professor has added his/her name. I just hope that they hadn’t had chance to read my explanation before publicly putting adding themselves to the list..

message: I and my friends are here to request you to delete the image on the dead horse on the site.

1. Threat against our coat of arms.
2. Against queens coat of arms.
3. Very ill looking.
4. Teasing. (On us)
5. Very bad for children.

James Ding
Victor Jong
John Liu
Susan Zhou
Professor Meque
Gary Matthew
Jessica Yang
Alpha Bi
Leo Liu
Tiger LIu
Emily Liu
Payal Prettaki
Mythri Mula
Adithy Mula
Shuaib Doroni
Ajay Matti

Threats will be sent.


Your sincerely,
Tiger Liu

So there you go. That’s what it feels like to be Shell or Nestle. Now let me unpack my rucksack from the nazi hate-festival I just attended and go and find some small animals to personally kill.

17 Responses to “The war continues…”

  1. You have to admit they have a point with item 3 though. It does look pretty poorly.

    Posted by Mark
  2. That comment just made tea come out of my nose. Bravo that man! :)

    PS The odd thing is that I was drinking coffee at the time..

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. “threats will be sent”?

    I’d contact the coppers if I were you, register an official complaint. I think you’ve wasted enough time replying to these morons.

    Posted by miles
  4. I agree, Miles. It crosses a line when thinly veiled threats are issued. I’ve responded to the mail, making her aware of the legal situation that she has now entered into following her recorded threats.

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. Some people are immune to logic and rationale argument.

    Her ‘reasons’ are the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever read. She should get in contact with the people that actually put the horse there in the first place!

    Posted by Ian
  6. Do you think that they have also written to all the other people in the world who have uploaded images of a questionable nature eg (sexually explicit, images of famine, war the list goes on). If we censored all news images what would we have left?

    I would be seriously worried with the vitriolic emails, fanatics have a tendency of taking things to the next level. Maybe stick to uploading images of pretty flowers…

    Posted by Will
  7. I appreciate your concern bud but if I do that, I might as well just delete the image in the first place then add my name to their petition! :)

    Posted by tabascokid
  8. I really can’t work out how a dead horse is in anyway a threat to the queens coat of arms???

    Posted by Simon
  9. Please remove that comment about coffee going in your mouth and tea coming out your nose!! Not content with slaughtering INNOCENT ANIMALS you’re now claiming divine powers!! This is an affront to the Queen and Prince Philip!! Be warned, I have Professor Quim of the University of Fuengirola on my side and we will not give up until your vile comments are stopped!!

    Posted by Mark
  10. I’m sorry but unless you have a petition of at least 14 names, I won’t be removing anything..

    Threats always help your cause though, if that helps.. 😉

    Posted by tabascokid
  11. 14 names? Piece of piss.

    Angela Wong
    Mr Miluki
    Cyril the mole-catcher
    Jimmy Fung
    Tony Fung
    Frankie Knuckles
    Susan’s sister
    Dr Fred Fonseca
    The Rt Rev Bishop Auckland
    David Davies
    That other guy

    Now take it down or we’ll stick pencils up you!! UP you!! Get it??

    Posted by Mark
  12. Of course it’s a valid image and of course it shouldn’t be removed. As for constantly replying to all these protest emails, then it must feel as though you’re flogging a dead horse.

    Posted by Duncan
  13. I too am horrified by your photograph of a deceased quadruped. With half the world starving I find it shocking that you left so much nutritious meat to rot in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. I insist that you travel with a freezerbag in future should you come across another equine feast. (I think the partition group of Ding, Dong et.al. are referring to the unicorn rampant on HM Coat of Arms).

    Keep up the good work :)

    Posted by doctorbob
  14. hehe Fantastic! Well reasoned with fine support for your angle. Gold star.

    Posted by tabascokid
  15. Now HERE’S an odd thing.. Just been looking through my blogstats and someone found my site by searching for “leon neal blog threats will be sent”. I guess someone wanted to read this wonderful mail again rather than threaten my blog. If they did though, what better way than a horse’s head in my bed?

    Posted by tabascokid
  16. I wouldn’t be overly concerned by the partition, though I love the “Threats Will Be Sent” line. The letter came from someone with severe mental health problems. Just don’t reply to such letters. Ever. And I’m not joking.

    Posted by Andrew Heenan
  17. Yeah, I’ve learned that through personal experience too! No-one wins in online arguments… 😮

    Posted by tabascokid

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