Following on from my recent blog on street art and graffiti, here’s the timelapse that I mentioned. It wasn’t included then as it was waiting to be used in an Olympic package that AFP have put together. Now that’s out, I thought I’d complete the story! The music is by former bandmate and top sound guru Dan Worrall.

5 Responses to “Wall or Nothing: The Movie”

  1. This is all kinds of awesome, Leon. How did you do the pan on the timelapse?

    Posted by Prashant
  2. Cheers Prashant! After shooting a few timelapse videos for the Olympic project, I realised that it was all very static and stationary and could only hold the attention for a matter of seconds with each clip so had to look at ways to add an extra level of movement. While products such as those by emotimo cost upward of $750, I had no budget at all so found the best way to create it was through software, rather than hardware. While it might not have the optimal quality of panning at the capture stage, it seems to do a reasonable job!

    Posted by tabascokid
  3. Love the shadow of the tree moving across the wall!

    Posted by Ashlee
  4. Cheers Ashlee. I’d love to say I planned for that tree shadow but it was a lovely happy accident that the sun really came out just at the right time for it to stand out. Thanks for the comment!

    Posted by tabascokid
  5. Nice job matey. good mix of stills and ‘motion’ 😉 nice tune too!

    Posted by Jim

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